Seems to me the term has come to be defined as something along the lines of:

You have something I want and don’t or can’t have, therefore you have discriminated in some manner against me. Therefore I want – I demand – equality. And if I don’t receive equality – by >my< definition, of course – I will act against you by any means >I<  feel appropriate until I am satisfied.

But what that truly seems to mean is “until I have more than you

And so it goes.

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I was just turned on to this Huffington Post article:
Why Muslims Should Never Have To Apologize for Terrorism
Fair enough; can’t disagree.
Now, substitute the word “black” for Muslim.
Does that make me feel better or “more safe” when walking through a black neighborhood?
You know what I’d hate about being black?
… those “other” blacks.
Just like meeting those “other” Muslims.
How would I disassociate myself from the too-often-valid stereotypes?
On the other hand, there was that native-born, here-for-generations Christian American … who was the only person of any diversity group I ever met in a work environment from whom I seriously considered places to hide, actions to take if he went as whacko as it seemed he might.
That boy >hated<.   And he was a “friend”.
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Trump & Chicago

I find it most interesting that those groups that scream the loudest for “Rights” are the first to deny those rights to any with opposing views.

Sometimes seems the whole country will go the way of The People’s Republics of Boulder, Seattle, or San Francisco – all once nice places to be; now all so “tolerant” that dissenting opinions are not allowed under penalty of law. (“We have discovered the best way to live. You are free to also live that way … or else“)

Why is it I don’t hear much about Trump (or Rubio or Cruz or Carson or Bush …) supporters going whacko-crazy at Clinton or Sanders rallies?

It’s going to be an interesting summer.

I’d bet on Trump winning the nomination; I’m not sure I’d bet on his surviving.

The level of >hatred< is unbelievable. Even the Vietnam protests didn't have this feel about them.

As they say: the best way to defend yourself in "A Situation" is to not be there.

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More Amusement From the Campaign Trail …

… and CBSNews is a continuous source …

From Fri, Mar 11 via Marco Polo … I mean Rubio.

(See Wikipedia, Marco_Polo(game) – “This player … tries to find and tag the other players without the use of vision“.
Any difference?)

If Donald Trump is nominee, voters will “tune out”

Not that I’m picking sides or stating preferences about candidates, but as I once understood Civics class, voters “tuning out” don’t decide the front-runner.

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Whether You Like Him or Not …

per CBS News Mar 2, 2016:

GOP strategists, donors sign on to anti-Trump super PAC

Seems to be a reason to vote for him.
Hillary or someone the Republicans don’t like.

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Carolina tried to win the SuperBowl

per CBS News, Feb 19:
“Hillary Clinton: “I’ve always tried” to tell the truth”

… but not very hard.

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Secret Messages

per CBS News:
Clinton: GOP is using “coded racial language” against Obama

… while speaking at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture in New York.

I must have missed the meeting when they passed out these codes …

But isn’t any Center for Research in “your-favorite-race” Culture racist in itself?

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