Party Neutral … Speculating the Sky

Now here’s ol’ Q’s party-neutral prediction … subject to change on a whim …
Speculating as an observer, not a supporter of any candidate or party.

Hillary is damaged goods. She was “promised” the position so she’ll ride it out maybe as far as the convention.
I don’t believe she’d have a chance in the finals – too much of her past will come out in the hard press of Sept and Oct.
The effect of hubby Bill will be net neutral – the same number of people that think he’s a plus will think he’s a negative.

Will the Dems support her at the convention? Depends on the way the wind blows along about then … but I think they’ll drop her – if she hasn’t pulled out before then … unless she has a very strong lead over other Dems and any of the Reps.

Sanders just >looks< too goofy … as in Nixon vs Kennedy. His qualifications won't matter. I think he showed strong in Iowa more as a statement against Hillary than as support for Sanders.

I suspect the Democrats will pop someone else into the race a bit later in the primary season.
Bloomberg has the funds, but he's made some unpopular laws in NYC (large sodas anyone?). I don't think he has national support.

Biden? Many will see him continuing "the legacy" … but then he's Biden – the Democrat version of Dan Quayle.

I suspect someone else will crawl out into the light at a later date – maybe as late as the convention.
As I recall, delegates are only committed on the first vote.

The Republicans have the momentum … but it's a deeply fractured party. The Party leaders are looking in, not out … and have a recent history of dropping the ball. I think Jeb was promised the position but he sputtered like an untied balloon.

I don't believe the party approves of either Cruz or Rubio, but they are the likely popular contenders – I don't foresee any other viable candidates and I don't see the Republicans bringing in a surprise candidate that would have a chance of winning. But perhaps they don't want to win …

Trump will stay in the race – likely through the convention – but I don't see him accepting the nomination. Although there's much in common between a CEO and Prez, I don't see Trump accepting the limitations of office along with stepping away from control of his other business interests for 4 years. Although Cheney pulled it off.

I see Trump remaining a strong contender – even the front-runner – up to the convention – at which point, I see him withdrawing from the race and encouraging his delegates to support whoever may be a Trump-approved and winnable candidate at that time.

Trump's a deal-maker. I don't believe he wants to be president; I believe he wants to select the president.
And maybe that's the game the Democrats will play as well using Hillary as a front.

Let the races be tight; let the delegate voting go past the 1st round.
Then let the real game begin.

All this … and I may be proved wrong as early as later today … or as late as Nov when any predictions are proved to be what they are. Speculating the sky.

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Politics – Day after Iowa Caucuses

Where’s Jerry Ford when we need him?

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I’m not sure I understand how a free-market economy can also have a black market …

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Oldie but Goodie

“Is the world run by smart men who are putting us on or by fools who really mean it?”

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21st Century Americans – as played by Wil E Coyote

Baby Bush

Hussein O’Fama


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If you can live off the interest of the interest of the principal of any assets you may hold, you may then consider yourself “rich”.

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And now for something completely different …

” … restore your faith in humanity” …

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