Idaho Going Blue

There IS no place left … or rather, EVERYPLACE is left

From today’s Idaho Statesman

Ada County will be ‘progressive’

[Ada County is Boise city (as opposed to Boise County to the north east)]

Two posts in one day after a long absence. That’s what I get (and you as well) for thinking to read the news.
Next thing you know, someone will want to confiscate firearms or some such

I’m going back to playing groundhog … back to sleep for 6 weeks.

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7 Responses to Idaho Going Blue

  1. Boise State’s trademark blue field was installed in 1986. The Broncos are 69-2 on the turf since 2000.

  2. guffaw1952 says:

    If you see your shadow, it means you’re not using your cover sufficiently. Stay low!


  3. ProudHillbilly says:

    Hibernation is a GOOD thing!

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