Valentines Day

I was 17; she was 16.

It was a glorious summer … and then it fell apart. So did my heart.
And she was gone. Not just from my life; from town. Not even a hint of a rumor.

Hindsight tells me she was my first “real” love.

Puppy love? Could be, but I credit “puppy love” to Suzie instead. (I knew Suzie since we were three; got “engaged” when we were 8. We “broke up” when puberty hit. Suzie’s in Tucson now … but she’s a fond memory I keep in touch with every once in a while. That’s puppy love.
Hi Suzie!!

A substantial portion of a century went by … and I heard from her.
I found out what happened. Nothing earth-shattering … now.
Sure was then.

We shared a few memories. Found out we still enjoyed the same things, the same places (two people from the Great Lakes ending up liking Bishop???)

Anyway, our conversations – a few years ago … she’s now faded back into a dark and dusty corner of my universe … led me to think on later loves. I wasn’t aware of how much our relationship of that short summer long ago influenced the women I later became attracted to. I wasn’t aware of how much she was even now still a part of what I am. Buried deep, but still there.

Jack and Pam met in 7th or 8th grade. They’re still happily married.

I am NOT old enough to know couples that have been together almost 50 years. (But Dave was a grandfather at 36…)

Rob and Katy met when she was 15. Their oldest is into college now; 2nd not far behind

I just celebrated one of my wedding anniversaries on Feb 13 (because it was Friday, not because it was Valentines Day). Same woman … we just have three anniversaries (long story). And no regrets. Loved One chose me to be the grave she cries over … and I do my best to put that off as long as possible.


I’ve had itchy feet all my life, but sometimes – not too often anymore – I wonder … what if?

She was the type of girl to wear a clown nose for her high school senior picture.
Seems she has itchy feet as well.


Happy Valentine’s Day, wherever you may be.

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